Larry is a game warden.

He is portrayed by Roy McGuinness.

Role Edit

As the Johnson family go to town and meet with Larry, he explains that before Duma can be released into the wild, she must be taught to hunt or she will starve. Mr. Patel, a storekeeper, offers to buy Duma, but Susan refuses. When they leave the store, Patel explains to Nigel, a British adventurer, that he has an uncle in India that races cheetahs against greyhounds, and he could become rich if he could do the same with Duma. Larry tries to train Duma by placing roadkill in a burlap bag and dragging it behind his jeep. Instead of attacking the bag, Duma jumps into the jeep for a ride. Ted, Susan and Morogo continue the training by dragging bags of meat behind their bicycles. Slowly, Duma catches on and they take him out on the plains near a herd of gazelles. As Ted and Susan watch from a hill, they see a cheetah kill a gazelle, and think it is Duma, but Duma is asleep behind them.